Help: group chat

Respond to a user

Click on a message to respond to that user with an @tag before their name. When they receive that message they will here a different message sound and the message will be marked with a yellow border.

Others can't read my messages

You may have been banned by a moderator in that group chat.

Ask a moderator to unban you

Moderators can unban users by clicking the Main menu then choosing Unban users.
They can search for your ban by your user name or your IP address in the HTML 5 version.

Become a moderator

Moderators are not made by Chatango, they are made by the owner (creator) of each individual chat group. Please contact the owner to request becoming a moderator or about removing a moderator.

I visit a site with a group chat that I do not want to read

Turn an embedded chat off

If you visit a web page with an embedded Chatango chat, but do not wish to see the chat on it, you can turn it off by clicking on the at the top of the chat. This setting will be remembered for the subsequent visits to the site.

If you do not see control, you need to log out from the chat first, by clicking on the Main menu > Log out.