Terms and conditions: please be nice.
We built Chatango at first because we wanted to use it ourselves. It'd be very cool if lots of people found it helpful too. So here's the deal - the whole thing is free so long as you guys don't abuse it. Please be nice to each other.

Please click here for the full legal terms of service.

Your privacy is important to us.
We do not read private one-on-one conversations that occur in Chatango. Messages sent to Chatango Groups can be read by everybody. We do store your IPs, and use cookies to identify users, just like every other site in the world. When you send a message in a group chat, your IP address is visible to the chat owner and to the chat moderators, that the chat owner creates. We don't store your passwords, just their HMAC's. We do not store any credit card numbers when you support Chatango. We do not sell your email addresses to spammers or marketing agencies. And there is no spyware and no adware in MessageCatcher. That's pretty much it.

You can find our full privacy policy here.

An important restriction: no kids!
Sorry, you must be at least 13 to use Chatango. Your account and your access to Chatango may be blocked without warning, if it is found that you are misrepresenting your age or abusing Chatango members.

Please enjoy,

Alec Matusis, PhD
Creator of Chatango