Help: profile

Create a profile

Log in then go to your chat page and click on the Edit profile link.

If you add your ZIP code, you will be able to see the distance of other people from you in miles, and you will also be able to search for people within a specified mile radius or within your country if your are not from the US.

You can change your profile pictures during a conversation: whenever you change your profile picture, all the people you are chatting with will see the new picture instantly.

Profile is not in Members

A machine learning algorithm detected NSFW (sexual) content in your profile. Sometimes the auto-detection of sexual content is inaccurate. Please re-edit your profile, uploading another picture and editing the text to make sure it does not contain any sexual content. If your profile has no sexual conetnt and still does not show after changing a couple of pictures, please send a bug report.

Can't edit profile

Can't delete age, gender or location

Currently, it is not possible to delete your age, gender or location once you have entered them. You can change these values though. For example if you do not to display your actual location you can change it to Antarctica and save. We will improve this functionality in the future.

Can't delete text from profile

You can delete all the text from your profile by replacing it with a space character (" ") and clicking Save.

Saving doesn't work

You may need to clear your browser cache, see the trouble shooting page.

Can't upload picture

Most pictures should work and most users have successfully uploaded a picture, however you may have problems with some images such as animated gifs and progressive jpegs. Most other jpeg and gif files should work, try uploading a file that is not too big (around 200kb) and see if that makes a difference. There are several different things that could cause a picture upload to fail. You should try the suggestions on the trouble shooting page.